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Our Mission

The Canadian Group Psychotherapy Foundation (CGPF) is a philanthropic organization whose mission is to support the evolution and expansion of the practice, teaching, and research of group psychotherapy in Canada, and to promote the dissemination of information to professional and non-professional communities regarding the advantages of group psychotherapy as a mental health treatment modality. It contributes to training, research and public awareness through the funding of publications, lectures, scholarships and research grants to valued Canadian students, professionals, organizations, and institutions involved in mental health.

(Charitable Registration No 0905307-19)

The Canadian Group Psychotherapy Foundation (CGPF) aims to promote education, training, and research regarding group psychotherapy as an effective, economical, and transformative means of psychological treatment.  Established in 1992, the Foundation has developed a base of funding through the generous donations of members of the Canadian Group Psychotherapy Association and other interested individuals.

Group psychotherapy is a well- established mode of interpersonal learning and psychological treatment, promoting enhanced communication, shared support and often behavior change and personal growth. Core principles of group psychotherapy are also applied as effective mechanisms of the communication process and change in non-clinical contexts, such as organization and community development.



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