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Conference/Event Scholarship Application Form

Thank you for your interest in applying for a scholarship from the CGPF. Should you wish instead to apply for other awards, please go to our Awards & Scholarship page, click on the Award description and complete the related form.




For which conference or event are you applying for a financial support?

Regional Group Practitioner Conference Event
(please provide details-dates, event title, location)

CGPA Conference Scholarship
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Training Event
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Please provide proof of registration: (Acceptable file size is 10 MB, format: jpg, png and PDF)

If you have previously been a recipient of a Canadian Group Psychotherapy Foundation scholarship or award, please provide details

Please attach your current resume (Acceptable file size is 10 MB, format: jpg, png and PDF)

or CV with your contact information

If you have any questions or challenges associated with the format expectations, please contact Secretary Treasurer David Kealy.

Please note it may take up to 7 days to acknowledge your application via email reply. If you have not received a reply email from CGPF representative after 7 days, please contact another CGPF representative (contact information is available on the CGPF website.)

Thank you again for applying to the CGPF for monies to support and/or recognize your work in group practice.

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