Canadian Group Psychotherapy Foundation

The Canadian Group Psychotherapy Foundation sponsors educational events with the objective of:
  1. Supporting the evolution and expansion of practice, education, and research on group psychotherapy in Canada
  2. Promoting awareness of the advantages of group psychotherapy as a mental health treatment modality

Canadian Group Psychotherapy Foundation Funding Guidelines

1.0 CGPF Funding Structure

1.1 Relevance to CGPF

Applications for funding are accepted by the Canadian Group Psychotherapy Foundation at any time during the calendar year. Applicants should clearly indicate how their undertaking meets at least one of the two objectives of the CGPF, drawn from the Foundation’s Mission Statement: To support the evolution and expansion of practice, education, and research on group psychotherapy in Canada; To promote dissemination regarding the advantages of group psychotherapy as a mental health treatment modality.

1.2 Purpose of CGPF grants

Foundation funding comprises small grants appropriate for publications, lectures, scholarships, or research seed grants; other types of projects will be considered.

2.0 Candidate Eligibility

Eligible applicants should have some demonstrable involvement in group psychotherapy, i.e., as a trainee, a practitioner, educational faculty, or researcher. The principal applicant should append a resume. For other applicants, educational background and current employment information would be appreciated.

3.0 Period of Support

Foundation grants are expected to be expended during the calendar year following the award.

4.0 Components of Award

Foundation grants represent operating funds (e.g., to achieve open access publication of a report, to support the organization of a lecture, or to fund aspects of a pilot research study) or scholarships (e.g., to support attendance at a training event or activity within a training program).

4.1 Value of award

Foundation grants are usually small, in the amount of $1,000-$2,500. Larger grants are dependent on the importance and quality of the application and funds available for disbursement.

4.2 Ineligible expenses

The following costs are ineligible and will not be considered:
  • Secretarial and clerical support
  • Travel
  • Office renovations
  • Installation or maintenance of equipment
  • Equipment purchases which exceed 10% of the total project budget
  • Membership fees
  • Receptions

4.3 Institutional support

The existence of a linkage between the applicants and a larger organization (e.g., a training program, a disciplinary college) is not required but would be advantageous. Copies of letters of support for the project are appreciated.

4.4 Project team

4.4.1 Principal applicant

The principal applicant should be clearly identified and a resume provided. As noted, a demonstrable involvement in group psychotherapy should be demonstrated. All communication with the CGPF regarding the application and/or award management will be the responsibility of the principal applicant.

4.4.2 Project team

The application should clearly detail the project work that will be done by the principal applicant and each collaborator (where applicable).

5.0 The Project

The project described should not be substantially altered from that proposed in the original application. If significant changes should become necessary, the principal applicant must seek CGPF’s approval for change prior to any significant change being made. The original aims and conditions of the award must be satisfied.

5.1 Reserved Right

The Foundation reserves the right to terminate support if changes to the proposed project are not approved. This includes financial recovery of funds provided up to an amount equivalent to the total value of the implemented award.

6.0 Application Process

Applicants should use the CGPF’s form (see attached) as a cover for their grant application. The form should be submitted with signatures of the principal applicant and collaborators. Attachments should provide a clear description and rationale for the project, including an overview of how the impact of the undertaking will be evaluated. A project budget is also required and should be explicit about other sources of funding and how Foundation funding will be used.

6.1 Administrative Amendment and Triage

Applications submitted that are either i) incomplete, or ii) non-compliant with the program guidelines and/or application instructions may be subject to either administrative amendment or triage. Amendments will occur solely at the discretion of the CGPF; applicants will be informed of these amendments should they occur. Triaged applications will be returned to the applicant(s) with reasons listed for the decision.

6.0 Peer Review

Applications for CGPF funding are reviewed by a committee charged with this purpose by the Board of Directors. Members of the Board are respected professionals in the group psychotherapy community, functioning as clinicians, educators, and/or practitioners in their working life. Many have experience providing reviews of grant applications.

7.0 Release of Application Results

An official result letter will be sent to the principal applicant within one month of receipt of the funding application.

8.0 Commencement of Funding

Foundation offer of awards must be implemented within the period of an offer as stipulated in the formal award letter (one calendar year). Any offers of award not implemented within the period of an offer will be withdrawn and the offer of award considered void.

8.1 Disbursement of Funding

Funding provided by the Foundation is disbursed as a one-time lump sum payment.

9.0 Reporting

9.1 Progress report

Awardees are required to submit a progress report upon completion of the calendar year following notice and acceptance of the award. The report should document the implementation of the outlined project and the findings of the associated evaluation; expenses covered by the Foundation award should also be documented. Failure to submit a report or remain compliant with the terms and conditions of the Foundation award may lead to cancellation of the award and/or limited access to further Foundation awards.

10.0 Communications

All publications, including public messages, arising from projects supported by CGPF grants and/or awards must acknowledge the support of the CGPF. The Foundation also reserves the right to publish and/or disseminate information relevant to grants and awards.

11.0 Termination of Award

The CGPF reserves the right to terminate any award if the conditions of the award are not met, or if there is evidence of unsatisfactory progress with the outlined project.

12.0 Contact Information

If there are questions or concerns about applying to the CGPF please contact David Kealy, CGPF Secretary-Treasurer, by email at

Grant Application Form

    All applicants for financial support from the FOUNDATION are asked to complete this application. Please complete all parts of this form. Application is required a minimum of three months prior to project commencement.

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